The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Cadrul Comun de referință

Our courses follow the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​and organize its courses according to the main competencies, as follows:

A1 courses – Introductory level (Breakthrough) Keywords: simple questions, close and familiar environment.

Acquisition of level A1: The learner can understand and use familiar and everyday expressions, as well as simple statements aimed at satisfying concrete needs. He can introduce himself or herself and ask a person personal questions. He can answer the same kind of questions and communicate simply if the other person speaks slowly and distinctly and is cooperative.

A2 level courses – Basic level (Waystage) Keywords: descriptions, simple conversations.

Acquisition of level A2: The learner can understand isolated phrases and expressions frequently used in relation to the immediate priority areas (personal or family information, shopping, close environment, work). He can communicate in simple and ordinary situations, which only require an exchange of information, simple and direct, on familiar and ordinary topics. One can describe with simple means his family, his environment and evoke familiar and common topics or those that correspond to immediate needs. The candidate can write a very simple personal letter.

Courses for level B1 – Intermediate level (Threshold) Keywords: beginning of autonomy; manage, express their opinion

Acquisition of level B1: The student can understand the essential points when a clear and standard language is used and when it comes to familiar things at work, at school, in his free time. He can handle most of the situations encountered while traveling in the region where the language is spoken. Can produce a simple and coherent discourse on familiar topics and areas of interest. Can tell an event, experience, or dream, describe a hope or goal, and briefly state the reasons or explanations for a project or idea.

Courses for Level B2 – Post-Intermediate Level (Vantage) Keywords: current understanding and ability to converse; issuing an opinion, systematically supporting an argument.

Acquisition of level B2: The student can understand the essential content of concrete or abstract topics in a complex text, including a technical discussion in his specialty. He can communicate with a degree of spontaneity and with ease, like a conversation with a native speaker, which does not involve tensions for either one or the other. He can express himself in a clear and detailed way on a wide range of topics, give opinions on a topical issue and expose the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities.

C1 level courses – Autonomous level: for regular use in contexts of reasonable difficulty Keywords: to express spontaneously and fluently, fairly good command

C1 level acquisition: The student can understand a wide range of long and demanding texts, as well as to perceive implicit meanings. He can express himself spontaneously and fluently, almost without looking for words. Can use language effectively and smoothly in social, professional or academic life. Can express himself / herself on complex topics, in a clear and well-structured way, and show control over the tools for organizing, articulating and cohesive speech.

C2 level courses – Advanced language level Keywords: effortless comprehension, spontaneous expression

C2 level acquisition: The student can effortlessly understand practically anything he reads or hears. Can give facts and arguments from various written and oral sources, summarizing them in a coherent way. It can express itself spontaneously, very fluently and in a precise way and can distinguish between fine nuances of meaning, in relation to complex subjects.