Language evaluation

Within our center, the courses are organized on knowledge levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference and involve the proof of the following language skills: comprehension of written text and of conversantions, production of the written and verbal text.

Our evaluators can analyze the knowledge of foreign languages ​​of your employees in the following foreign languages:

Romanian as a foreign language

In order to come with the best offer of foreign language classes to you, we help you with the evaluation of your personnel. If you have more than 5 adults who need testing, the evaluation is free and we can come to your office the evaluate each of them. The evaluation consists of a reading and writing paper. The results are usually ready in a matter of days. Depending on the results, we can organize for you groups of classes with participants with at least approximately the same level. The initial assessment has the advantage of perfectly framing the student in his comfort zone, in order to have a positive starting point in the acquisition of new knowledge.

After the beginning of the classes, the assessments of the new skills will be regular.  Ongoing assessment helps both the learner and the course instructor to observe acquisitions and weaknesses. They help streamline the acquisition process and recapitulate knowledge. Finally, the final assessment is the one that certifies the knowledge gained and shows both students and their employers the evolution of the participants. We contractually offer a guarantee of reaching a percentage of at least 90% of the maximum score at the final evaluation. Ask about this warranty when concluding the contract.