How do we approach the inattentive learners

How we deal with naughty pupils has become a much-discussed topic among teachers, parents and students. Unfortunately, more and more often we hear or read news stories where some of them are the protagonists.

Although children come to our centre who have a great interest and motivation to learn a foreign language, there are still cases when children are distracted for some reason during lessons and then disturb the class with attitudes that are not exactly liked by either the teacher or their classmates.

However, we can think of two groups of children. The first are those who have a good form of boldness, when the child is self-confident in expressing his/her opinions, is respectful and considerate in dealing with others and takes into account the feelings of others. So it is a child with a constructive, positive, confident attitude who has the courage to speak up when they have something to say! As teachers, we love working with them, we love to hear them critically analyse things, to hear how they deduce ideas for themselves, how they feel free to speak in public. Regrettably, our society and even the mentality of our people does not encourage the development of this type of children. It is disappointing, because they are good leaders in the making and by giving them the right direction, we could raise a generation of emotionally and professionally strong people.