Courses dedicated to the corporate segment


Our courses take place both at our headquarters in Constanta, where we offer special rooms for children and adults, and at the clients’ headquarters for individual and small group courses for management staff or technical, economic and socio-administrative staff. The local coverage has expanded to national coverage, following the satisfaction of our local customers, who have requested the extension in other cities in Romania. The national experience has taught us the skills required in the corporate field, and now we can assist our clients with specialized advice and free tests in order to integrate the new students as correctly as possible based on the level of their competences.

Our counseling services help you have a clear picture of the actual needs of your company, because we counsel you in what a language course means, what are the advantages of an individual course and a group course, an intensive or normal program. Our experience and results over time certify us to be good professionals in the efficient organization of courses and we guarantee that we will assist your company in choosing the best package of services.

 Better communication skills

 Good development of team relations

 A visible improvement in the correctness of written texts

 More fluent conversations, without breaks due to lack of vocabulary

 People better qualified for external relations

You can contact us at the mobile phone number 004-0722267483 or at the address:

We speak French, English and German at the office.