How we select our teachers

The Intelligent Learning Language Center selects its team of teachers according to the quality standard of the services it wants to offer to its students. They are trained in the spirit of sharing the knowledge of each foreign language in a lively and pleasant way.

Within the communicative approach of language teaching in our center, each teacher assumes the role of mediator and supervisor of the acquisition of knowledge. They will distance themselves from the classic teaching method in which the teacher is at the center of the action, and the students are just spectators receiving messages from him. The teachers of our center are creative and active people, who take time in preparing their classes. They follow the instructions of the teaching materials they use in the classes and implement a wide variety of written, audio, video materials to energize the classes.

The notions of grammar, also necessary in making correct speeches in a foreign language, are introduced in isolation through small punctual explanations. The teacher has the duty to facilitate the implementation of the new notions in small speeches depending on the context. The emphasis is not on error, but on the overall understanding and production of written or verbal texts. Instead of recalling grammatical rules and isolated vocabulary, it presents a contextualized language and emphasizes the development of language skills in all areas through various activities such as discussions, debates, role-plays, communication activities, even short representations of theater for children’s classes.

In order to be up to date with the latest discoveries in the field of neuro-linguistic research underlying the creation of new pedagogical materials, the teachers of the Intelligent Learning foreign language center of Constanta regularly participate in training conferences and familiarization with new methods and materials for their own specialization. These conferences are organized by book centers or state institutions within the Ministry of Education.


Spanish, French and English teacher

My name is Aida Dragomir and I teach French and Spanish in both state and private institutions. I am a persistent, self-taught person, but also creative and open to challenges. That’s why I joined the Intelligent Learning team, where I found professional people dedicated to their job. I am constantly concerned with my own improvement, but also with the individual development of my students.
“I never teach my students; all I do is create the conditions for them to learn.” (Albert Einstein)


Teacher of English and Romanian as a foreign language

Hello! I am Alexandra, an English teacher, passionate about the art of communication and the learning process. I love to dedicate myself to creating an interactive and motivating learning environment. My goal is to inspire and develop learners’ language skills, giving them the tools to achieve success in English communication. Let’s explore the wonderful world of English together and build the path to high-level skills together!


English Teacher

I develop English lesson plans in line with the national curriculum and plan English lessons to meet curriculum standards.

* i am delivering engaging, coherent lectures and motivating lessons to students, utilizing learning technology in the planning and delivery of lessons.

* My classroom management: I prepare English classroom and coursework materials, homework assignments, and handouts, preparing course work, planned class sessions and arranging extracurricular activities and set targets for the pupils.

* Evaluated the students class work and assignments: graded tests, essays, reports and other assignments.

Simona Gabriela

English Teacher

In the almost 10 years since I have been practicing exclusively as an authorized language trainer, I have worked with groups of adults from level A1 to C2, I have taught English integrating general elements, culture and civilization in meetings on specialties – energy, finance -banking, oil and gas, logistics, marketing and sales, etc.

I am Simona-Gabriela, I’m 46 years old, I’m from Oradea and I’m an English teacher. I left the traditional education system after one year of teaching. I focused exclusively on private teaching and this enriched me both professionally and personally.

I progressed with each student. We have been constantly searching and finding solutions for the most complex cases.

I assisted the students who chose to assess their knowledge at the highest level and so I enjoyed those who obtained excellent results in the IELTS exams – Academic and CAE.

Alina S.

English and French Teacher

I have been an English teacher for more than 7 years. I work with students as well as adults and I love what I do. I work with passion with all my students regardless of their age and I always try to have the best results. I am always looking to improve my teaching methods and model them on the needs of my students so that the language learning process is easy, attractive and useful. I put a lot of emphasis on quality and within the Intelligent Learning Center I have the opportunity to support the courses in a professional way and at the highest standards so that the courses meet the requirements of all students.