cursuri interactive de limbi straine

The Intelligent Learning Center of Constanta offers a variety of foreign language courses, covering the knowledge needed in this area for most European countries. Whether you want to change your job abroad or have close contacts with clients from abroad, the need to know a foreign language in the current era is a need that should not be neglected. Along with this category are the children, whom we must prepare from childhood for a future in which current communication with people from other cultures and civilizations is normal.

In these conditions of great cultural variety, our center manages to transmit through the most modern methods of teaching, not only a foreign language, but the entire cultural context in which it has developed. A foreign language lives through the culture from which it comes, so this approach only facilitates the acquisition of language skills.

The interactive method we apply

In the context of an increasingly globalized world, the Intelligent Learning Center of Constanta implements modern methods of language teaching, which put communication at the center of the teaching activities. This means that the courses focus on the communicative skill that integrates not only grammar, but also vocabulary and even cultural and even regional customs. Thus, we propose activities that intertwine all the competences in a foreign language: understanding the written and heard text, creating the written and verbal text.

Thus, our teachers offer students a functional and current language, which can be used immediately in different situations, recreated in the courses to imitate the most real contexts. Each context develops a certain vocabulary, and thus is more easily remembered in word domains specific to that context. In this case, the teaching process is focused on the learner and on the interaction between him and the group colleague, which constantly transforms them from speakers to recipients of messages and vice versa. Consequently, the teacher / trainer is only a facilitator or even a communication colleague. The student’s exposure to grammar is not long, but punctual in the required context, and the course becomes very engaging for our students.

At Intelligent Learning Language Center of Constanta, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish are taught throughout the year, without interruption, in organized groups or, on request, in individual courses. We also offer Romanian language courses for foreigners who need to learn Romanian in our country.

Our teaching principles include the organization of the classes with a maximum of 5 students, either adults or children. This allows for active participation in each course, giving each student time to express themselves. In exceptional cases and on request, we can also organize smaller groups of 2 adults or children.

Within our center, students whom are not at beginner level are tested free of charge in advance in order to establish their level and to be able to integrate them appropriately in a preexisting group. Beginners and children will not take the test, but will participate in a class at the required level, and the course teacher will determine whether to integrate him/her in that specific class in terms of knowledge, but also age.

We look forward to seeing you at the Intelligent Learning Language Center to get used to a new quality standard in Constanta!