Romanian for Adults


Intelligent Learning also offers Romanian language courses as a foreign language for foreigners living in Romania for different periods. Mainly, these courses are addressed to businessmen, diplomats or other people with interests in our country.

Our teachers will guide you in acquiring a language known as one of the hardest in the Balkans. We are still convinced that the communicative approach we apply in all our courses is very effective in your case as well. In principle, the teaching of the Romanian language is done in English. But if there are other requests, we try to help you solve your request.

Romanian language courses can be held throughout the year, in groups of minimum 3 maximum 5 people. These courses are organized for each module established by the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​in approximately 6 months for 1 session per week.

Also individual Romanian language courses can be organized in an intensive system of 3-4 sessions per week. Each session consists of 2 hours of 50 minutes.

Our teachers are specially trained and have experience in teaching Romanian to foreigners. They will develop basic skills such as comprehension of verbal and written text, verbal expression, comprehension of written text, correct preparation of written texts, verbal interaction on various topics.

The materials used in the courses by the teacher take into account the needs of the students and will be supplemented by reading books, additional grammar exercises and exercise books. The costs of the materials are paid by the student for each module.

Knowledge assessment is done periodically with the help of intermediate module tests as well as conversational activities that take place constantly in the Romanian language course.

At the end of the courses we issue a certificate attesting the number of course hours attended at our center, the level of knowledge completed and the period in which this course took place.


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