Limba Română pentru străini


Living in a foreign country can be a very rewarding, but also very difficult experience: when you have to work, socialize, shop and spend your free time in an environment that you don’t always understand. Life can get a little frustrating – that is, if you don’t get to understand and speak the local language. As expats in Romania, knowing the Romanian language ensures your cultural integration and, with it, significantly improves the quality of your life here. So, learn Romanian to be able to fully enjoy your life in Romania!

For an easy integration and a full understanding of the local culture, Intelligent Learning Constanta offers you the perfect way to integrate in the culture with a Romanian language course.

The materials used by the teachers are chosen according to the needs of the students and will be supplemented by reading books, additional grammar exercises and workbooks. The cost of materials is paid by the learner for each module. The worksheets used in the courses will be uploaded to our comunication platform.

You will receive access to our platform once you decided to begin classes. You will find over there the worksheets, the audio files or the homework to exercice at home.

Assessment of knowledge is carried out periodically with the help of mid-module tests as well as conversation activities that take place regularly during the course.
At the end of the course, a certificate can be issued certifying the module and number of courses taken at our centre, the level of knowledge acquired and the period of time during which the course was taken.


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